Anna Leigh Waters holding championship trophy in blue FILA top and mesh skirt at CIBC PPA Finals.
Anna Leigh Waters on Championship Sunday at the 2023 CIBC PPA Finals. PPA Tour

Call me Anna Leigh Waters: How to dress like a pickleball pro

DALLAS, TX – I’ve accepted that I will never play pickleball quite as fiercely as Anna Leigh Waters, and that’s okay!

I can’t hit the ball so powerfully that I make opponents tremble while awaiting my returns... but I can look just as sharp as her fashion-wise. 

Pickleball Central is my first stop for leveling up my style to match the World No. 1.

Anna Leigh Waters in blue tie dye fila top and mesh black skirt at CIBC PPA Finals
Ana Leigh Waters competing on the PPA Tour last season. PPA Tour

Waters loves a bright colorful FILA fit, so that’s a top priority. 

The 17-year-old rocked this blue tie dye top at the CIBC PPA Finals, and consider me obsessed. The sky blue is the prettiest color that honestly looks good on every skin tone. And the high neck and sleeves are great for sun protection. 

These tops are just so easy to pair with anything, so I can mix and match with whatever bottoms I like and I’ll be as stylish as a top pro. 

Excuse me while I add the mesh black skirt to my cart, because it’s just so cute. It comes in black and navy and it's the perfect basic skirt with an edgy flair. I truly haven’t seen anything on the market like this. And when Waters wore it, I knew this skirt was going to be a staple in court fashion.

We also can’t ignore the fact that she loves a pink outfit on the court. Now I'm scoping out everything FILA pink on the site. 

Anna Leigh Waters in Fila pink skirt and tank top at Texas Open Tournament
Anna Leigh Waters at the 2023 Texas Open. PPA Tour

This training skort is undoubtedly something Waters would wear while winning a Triple Crown. She loves the beetroot color pink, and I understand why. It’s a bright, bold color that makes you look tan, and with winter finally behind us, I’d love a little sun-kissed glow. Pink is also this season’s new trend for pickleball. Add to cart. 

We also can’t talk about pink and not mention these truly fabulous pink FILA shoes that I’m utterly obsessed with. The Volley Zone All Court Shoe in knockout pink is as the name suggests, a knock out! They’re made with extra support to resist wear and add stability, which I need when things get heated during a match point. 

And to top it all off, I can’t dress like Waters without some sleek glasses. Waters consistently sports eyewear on the pickleball court and I’m going to invest in some sporty styles that not only look good, but also protect my eyes. 

Unfortunately, these items won’t help me play like a pro, but I’ll look just as cool as Anna Leigh, so that’s a win for me.