Deck the Halls With Pickleball

Deck the Halls With Pickleball

DALLAS, TX – Cue "It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams, light the Frasier fir candle, and sip on some hot cocoa because it’s getting down to the wire for Christmas decorating.

This year, we’re embracing the DIY trend and taking our love for pickleball into our homes. 

Here are some decor ideas to blend the sport you love with the holiday season:

Pickleball Ornaments

This idea is so fun and customizable.

For instance, paint the exterior of a pickleball with Mod Podge. Cover it in glitter, spray paint it in gold, silver, white, or red, and add an ornament hook on the top, like these pickleball ornaments from Pickleball Central.

But, if you really want to get fancy, glue miniature Santa hats on top of the pickleballs, like these from an Etsy shop.

You could also embrace the gnome decorating trend and add tiny gnome hats, beards, and noses to the pickleballs. Create a pickleball snowman by painting them white, gluing two or three on top of each other, and adding a top hat, carrot nose, and a smile.

You’ll have Frosty playing pickleball!

Pickleball Christmas Tree

You can have a tree displaying all your cute pickleball ornaments, complete with ribbon and tinsel and everything jolly, or you can level up, get super crafty, and design a tree entirely out of pickleballs, like this one from Eagle Valley News where Marco Longley created a 12-foot tall pickleball tree.

Depending on how large you want the tree, you can create a metal structure to assemble the pickleballs around, or keep it small and create a mini Christmas table topper. 

Assemble the pickleballs into a cone shape. Add greenery or lights for additional texture and visual appeal. Add a paddle as the star on top of the tree.

Santa would be proud!

Medal Christmas Tree

This is for players who want a festive way to display their hardware by hanging medals on the tree. You can hang them from the ribbons for a colorful addition.

Here’s some inspiration from

Or, remove the ribbons, add hooks, and hang them like a traditional ornament.

This is the perfect, easy DIY that still looks wonderfully festive.

Pickleball Wreath

To properly spruce up your entryway, pick up a plain wreath, floral wire, and some pickleballs. Arrange the pickleballs on the wreath just the way you like them, then take the floral wire and weave it through the holes in the ball to secure them in place.

Take it up a notch by weaving in some string lights for the cutest front door decoration in the neighborhood.


For something a little bit more subtle, try a pickleball mistletoe. You’ll need a pickleball, some greenery, holly berries, and ribbon. Grab a hot glue gun and glue those items to the top of the pickleball. Then, hang it in the perfect place to steal a kiss.

Find inspiration from this Etsy shop.

There are so many fun ways to incorporate pickleball into your Christmas decor if you want to get a little crafty.

Deck the halls with pickleball!