Fabletics X Recess Pickleball paddles in a cardboard box
Fabletics X Recess Pickleball set Fabletics

Fabletics X Recess Pickleball sells out during Memorial Day sale

DALLAS, TX – Given pickleball's remarkable growth rate, we’re at the point now where it’s actually a bad decision for athletic and lifestyle brands to avoid the sport entirely.

Whether it’s pickleball-specific gear, like Target partnering with Prince Pickleball, or simply slapping “pickleball” on a dress like Norma Kamali – if the brand somehow incorporates pickleball into their product line, they’re going to enjoy success. 

The latest brand to join the picklesphere is Fabletics, an active lifestyle brand that prioritizes the fit and feel of luxury at an accessible price. 

After launching in 2013, Fabletics already rivals more established brands like lululemon and Athleta

During their Memorial Day sale, Fabletics announced that the Fabletics X Recess Pickleball Set would be sold at an 80% discount for members - $57.98 - marked down from $289.95 for non-members.

It was one of the biggest discounts I came across while scrolling through my Memorial Day sales. 

Unsurprisingly, the set sold out in just a few hours.

This is a pretty standard pickleball set. It comes with two paddles, two paddle covers, three white pickleballs, and a court bag. 

Recess Pickleball is one of the best brands for cute pickleball gear, but quality-wise they aren't quite like EngageHEADPaddletek, etc. 

These aren't paddles for players with huge pickleball aspirations, but casual rec players will definitely enjoy them. It's a good starting point for those who need a basic paddle to get started before concepts like power and control become increasingly important.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised that there are only two paddles because from a recreational standpoint, doubles is a far more popular game than singles. A set with only two paddles is a bit limiting. 

Nevertheless, the reviews for the set are overwhelmingly positive, and with a deal like that, no wonder it sold out so quickly.