Matt Wright hits a backhand while playing mixed doubles alongside Lucy Kovalova at the Desert Ridge Open.
Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova competing at the Desert Ridge Open. PPA Tour

How to register for a pickleball tournament

DALLAS, TX - You’ve done the work. You’ve drilled. You’ve honed your skills on your local challenge court.

And now, you want to take the pickleball world by storm—or, at the very least, play against some different players in a more competitive setting.

But, where can you go from here? How can you find the right tournament to play that will make for a positive experience all around?

That’s what I’ll take you through in this article.

Step 1: Go to

This site has the largest assortment of pickleball tournaments to choose from and is your best bet at finding the event best suited for you.

You’ll need to make an account (it’s free) before you can actually register for a tournament, but you can peruse the site for upcoming tournaments even without having an account.

With no search filters in place, the home page will look like this:

A photo of the Pickleball Brackets homepage
The Pickleball Brackets homepage. 

Near the top of the homepage, you’ll also see links to some of the biggest organizations in the pickleball world, including the PPA, APP, and USA Pickleball. By clicking on their icons, the site will show you which tournaments a specific organization has coming up.

The "PPA Tour" page on Pickleball Brackets.

Step 2: Make use of the ‘search’ feature

By going to the ‘search’ feature on the left side of the homepage, you can modify which tournaments appear using a number of filters, including tournament date, location, and format.

The Pickleball Brackets homescreen with the search function pulled up
You can use the search function on the left side of the homepage to narrow down your search. 

Step 3: Select a tournament

Once you’ve found a tournament that you might want to compete in, you can click on it to be taken to its registration page.

The registration page will provide general information about the tournament, including dates, location, and number of players signed up.

The registration page for the PPA Tour's tournament in Austin, TX
The registration page for the PPA Tour's upcoming tournament in Austin, TX.

Before you register, you can take a look at the different events and see which levels are available to compete in because some tournaments don’t have divisions for all events and skill levels.

You can also see which events are being played on which days, and which events have the largest number of registrants.

A small look at the 'Events' page for the PPA's upcoming event in Austin, TX
A look at the 'Events' page for a tournament on Pickleball Brackets.

If you want to compete in a doubles draw, but aren’t registering with a partner, no need to worry! By clicking on the ‘Players Needing a Partner’ tab, you’ll be able to see which players in each division also need a partner. You can even reach out to them through the website to secure a tournament partner that way.

The "Players Needing a Partner" page on Pickleball Brackets. 

Step 4: Time to register

Once you’ve decided which tournament you’d like to enter, all you have to do is choose your division and skill level, choose your partner (or sign up without a partner if you don’t have one yet), and pay the tournament fees to book your spot in the bracket.

What it looks like when you go to register for a tournament on Pickleball Brackets
What it looks like when you go to register for a tournament on Pickleball Brackets.

Step 5: Go for gold!

As the tournament approaches, check the email that you signed up with for the latest updates, draw announcements, and potential changes to the schedule.

Until then, though, it’s time to get back on the court! Now that you’ve taken the most important step and committed to playing in a tournament, the grind continues to put yourself in the best position possible to go for gold.