Johns and Waters weather storm to conclude Hertz Gold Cup

Johns and Waters weather storm to conclude Hertz Gold Cup

DALLAS, TX - Sunday’s mixed doubles final didn't start off well for Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters, and they dropped the first game against JW and Jorja Johnson 5-11.

Thoughts about that quarterfinal defeat at the hands of the Johnsons at the Carvana Arizona Grand Slam back in February may have been swirling through their minds.

They got up 8-3 in the second, but gave up that lead and had to fight off two game points with the Johnsons serving.

But they got through that game, eventually taking it 13-11, and that unsurprisingly proved to be the turning point of the match.

“When you get a close one like that and tie it up, it certainly helps the momentum in the next game,” Johns said. “I felt like we played a little looser after that. We felt the pressure was slightly less, and that’s when we play our best.”

Waters also had more success in her crosscourt dink battles with Jorja from that point forward, opting to stay in the rallies longer instead of speeding it up out of the air, like she does against most opponents.

“I got lower than I ever have today on some of those dinks,” she joked.

The momentum from game 2 and this tactical change from Waters allowed the world No. 1s to comfortably take the final two games 11-5, 11-5 for their 15th mixed doubles gold medal this season.