Anna Leigh Waters holding up a trophy
Anna Leigh Waters at the Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina Cup PPA Tour

Anna Leigh Waters' 100th PPA title custom shoes

DALLAS, TX - Known for her remarkable dominance on the pickleball court, World No. 1 Anna Leigh Waters is also becoming a style icon thanks to her partnership with FILA, and her bold fashion choices like the eye-catching Whataburger fit.

She recently secured a monumental 100th career title on the PPA Tour, so FILA and her team reached out to B Street Shoes to commemorate the accomplishment. The company takes classic sneakers like Air Force 1s, Air Jordans and Yeezys, and hand-paints over top of them to create custom shoes.

These are some of the coolest, most unique sneaker designs I’ve seen in the picklesphere, representing every kind of aesthetic and personal taste you can think of. 

Waters was their latest collaborator who wanted a special memento.

Of course, B Street said yes.

Blake Barash and his team turned a classic white pair of FILA shoes into something worthy of a historic victory. 

Gold was the primary color of the design, so they created a gold fade from the front half of the shoe that transitioned into navy. They also incorporated Waters' logo on the side of the shoe as well. 

And with a surprise #100 on the back, it’s no wonder this creation was a hit for the 17-year-old phenom. 

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