Black with blue Bay Area Breakers graphic
Black Bridge Hoodie Sweatshirt Bay Area Breakers

MLP Challenger Level: Team merch ranking

DALLAS, TX – MLP Washington D.C. is in full swing, so it’s a perfect time to evaluate the Challenger Level merchandise currently available for each team.

There were definitely some Premier Level standouts, while other clubs needed a little help.

Without further ado, here’s my ranking of the MLP Challenger Level merch:

1. Miami Pickleball Club

Team Members: Rianna ValdesEric OncinsMilan RaneRoscoe Bellamy

Who would’ve thought the top merch from Premier and Challenger alike would come from Florida? Between the Orlando Squeeze and Miami Pickleball Club, the Sunshine Stare definitely delivers the goods in this department.

Navy crewneck sweatshirt with colorful beach scene
Navy Crewneck Sweatshirt Miami Pickleball Club

So much is working for MPC's merch. The hot pink and black color scheme is incredibly eye-catching. I love the beach club design. It's very reminiscent of retro coastal living. 

And even better, they have options. Along with T-shirts and hats, they also have snapbacksbucket hatscropped hoodies, and tote bags.

All of the items are offered with a variety of different designs and fonts to satisfy every taste. What a win for Florida!



2. Bay Area Breakers

Team Members: Rachel RettgerPatrick KawkaCollin ShickVivian Glozman

The Bay Area Breakers partnered up with Stack Athletics to create some aesthetically pleasing and high-quality merch that I truly enjoy. The Breakers have one of the coolest logos with the wave design that looks like a pickleball. It's so innovative and cool. 

The baby blue, electric pink, and black color scheme is bold and flattering on just about anyone. 

Like the Miami Pickleball Club, the Breakers offer different styles of hatsT-shirtstank tops, and even a sleek pickleball paddle. I’m a big fan of the Breakers' merch. 

3. Atlanta Bouncers

Team Members: Genie ErokhinaTodd FoughtJaume Martinez VichAngie Walker

The Atlanta Bouncers' gear is totally unique... and it's working for me. Partnering with Michelob Ultra, the Bouncers offer gear and designs featuring artwork reminiscent of an artsy beer can design.

White shirt with a pickleball bar graphic
Dinks on the House shirt Atlanta Bouncers

I’m particularly fond of the “Dinks on the house” shirt. And I love that their logo is a pickleball that looks like a peach. That’s so fun!

4. SoCal Hard Eights

Team Members: Max ManthouIrina TereschenkoChristine MaddoxErik Lange

The SoCal Hard Eights have a vibrant color pallet that really makes their logo pop off their merch. The Hard Eights also have two full sweat suits and a pickleball paddle, in addition to offering T-shirts and hats.

Black hat with SoCal Hard Eights logo
Flexfit Hat SoCal Hard Eights

The logo is also quite clever, merging the dice with the a pickleball paddle that’s inspired by the founders frequently playing craps. It’s playful and easy on the eyes.  

5. Chicago Slice

Team Members: Allison HarrisKelsey GrambeauBrendon LongJack Munro

The Chicago Slice has undoubtedly one of the best logos in MLP. The ferocious dinking pizza slice is just delightful. 

Navy blue shirt with pizza slice playing pickleball graphic
Mascot t-shirt Chicago Slice

However, I wish there were more merch options. They have a T-shirthoodie, and a hat. But, I’d love more styles and options to rep that funny little dinking Chicago pizza slice.

They still get some major bonus points for being the only MLP team to sell a player bag

6. California Black Bears

Team Members: Rafa HewettAmanda HendryEmily CederquistDJ Young

We’ve got another team working with Stack Athletics to bring high-quality merch to the table, and the California Black Bears' collection is pretty sweet. They feature a black and pink color scheme, which is always a win. But, I think their bear paw hat is the standout piece.

I love the logo of the bear paw image with the paw designed to look like a pickleball, subtly acknowledging that it’s a pickleball team without it being overly obvious. 

As opposed to their Black Bear tee that’s just a simple bear logo that could look like it’s from anything. Now, if there was a way to incorporate a pickleball paddle in the bear’s mouth, that would be stupendous. 

7. Brooklyn Aces

Team Members: Lina PadegimaiteDaniel De La RosaMartin EmmrichLayne Sleeth

The Brooklyn Aces were a bit tough to place on this ranking. Their logo uses the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and puts a pickleball spin on it, making it a clever logo. The black and blue color scheme is pleasing, but there’s just not a lot of merch options, only a minimal hat, short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirt. 

White hat with blue and black Brookyln Aces logo
MLP Brooklyn Aces Performance Hat Fromuth Pickleball

However, Lotto Sport just became a co-owner of the team and will become the official apparel brand for the team. I'm hoping for some very exciting merch in the future. 

8. Las Vegas Night Owls

Team Members: Anderson ScarpaJudit CastilloChao “Zoey” Yi WangMota Alhouni

This team has a sleek logo. The v-design with the owl wings paired with the sharp font is effortlessly cool. Though if I can get picky, I wish there was some way to incorporate something with a pickleball, too. 

White hat with black Las Vegas Night Owls logo
Las Vegas Night Owls Performance Hat Fromuth Pickleball

I like the minimalistic black and white color pallet. After all, Las Vegas is such a fascinating, dynamic city to pull inspiration from that I think this merch could be more exciting. 

9. Friso Pandas

Team Members: Ewa RadzikowskaAlli PhillipsJohn CincolaStefan Auvergne

The Frisco Pandas’ merch and logo is quite similar to the Las Vegas Night Owls in that they also use black and white (though for a panda, it makes more sense, right?). But, I have a similar ask for the Pandas – I’d love to see pickleball incorporated into the design. Maybe the eyes are pickleballs or the panda is holding a paddle. Something to show that it’s a pickleball team.

Because right now it looks like it’s something for the World Wildlife Fund. But, imagine if that was a partnership? That would be epic!

The Pandas do get extra points because they have a rope hat option. I love a rope hat. 

10. Florida Smash

Team Members: Travis RettenmaierPatrick SmithTammy EmmrichMartina Frantova

Rounding off the merch ranking, the Florida Smash takes the last spot. The bright green and white color scheme is pretty. 

White hat with green writing
MLP Florida Smash Performance Hat Fromuth Pickleball

But, it’s the word “Smash” printed on their merch that’s not very exciting to me. I would love to see a Florida landmark or more elements of pickleball incorporated into their logos and designs. Especially since the team is based out of St. Petersburg, FL, they could have a lot more fun with their merch. 

Who has the best merch from the MLP challenger teams? Let us know on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).